Comments from Parents

Woodstock Primary Academy is

...a lot better due to the new headteacher. He's made big improvements and the safeguarding is much tighter. The security of the new doors has reassured me that my child is safe at school.

...a very good school. My child is doing really well and we're very pleased with the progress made. getting better than before.

...a very good school and has improved a lot during this short period of time since the arrival of the new principal.

...fab! We love all the changes.

...caring, helpful and a pleasant place to be.

...better than I thought it would be.

...great for my child. My child is learning a lot.

...the best school ever. an amazing school and has helped my children so much.


...a very good school. Friendly and helpful staff. My son loves his school. turning out to be a better school. Keep up the good work!

...very understanding and willing to help the children that need it. The school also support the parents.

...a great school. Teachers are so helpful and my child loves to come to school everyday. Overall, I want to say thank you so much. a good school and teachers work well with the children and parents. friendly for adults and children. Very helpful

...a lovely environment. My children are very happy here.

...a good school. My daughter is learning so much and loves coming to this school.

...a very good school and my children are very happy here. If I do have any concerns there is always someone willing to help.

...amazing! My child has been enjoying the support from the school. We, as parents, are most grateful and privileged to have our child attending Woodstock Academy. The entire staff are fantastic - very supportive and are focused on academic progression.

All comments were recorded during Parents Evening October 2018