Reading at Woodstock

Reading at Woodstock

Reading at Woodstock Primary Academy is a priority. As an essential skill that not only supports learning in all areas of the curriculum but also a child’s future academic achievement, wellbeing and success in life, it is important that we give priority to the teaching of reading and support children in embracing a lifelong love of books.

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.” – Barack Obama

Our goal is to embed a culture of reading across the school; ensuring children show fluency and comprehension appropriate to their age. We aim to create an ethos that positively promotes books and reading through everyday practice and the introduction of an exciting array of essential reads that engage children into a world of stories.

Reading tips -

Reading Spines - At Woodstock we to ensure that all children develop their love of literacy and key text for their year group; ensuring that when all children leave the school at the end of year 6, they can recall with enthusiasm and excitement the stories that we shared together. To find out about he books we will share together, please have a look at our reading spines here 

Whole Class Guided Reading

Central to our reading approach across all year groups is whole class guided reading. Children receive four adult led sessions over the week focusing on the explicit reading skills of summarising, vocabulary, retrieval and comprehension through a carefully chosen class text.

Children in reception and Key Stage One are also heard reading by an adult on a weekly basis through either small group guided reading sessions or 1:1 reading.

Class Novels & Reading for Pleasure

At Woodstock we have adopted a novel led approach which is used to engage children in reading and link with the wider writing and foundation subject curriculum. Each yeah group has an allocated reading spine created from a wide range of texts which acts as a common bank of stories that all children are exposed to over their time at Woodstock.

These texts and more are read to the children by an adult at the end of each day. Every classroom also has a designated reading area set up where children can select from age appropriate books and a class library time where children have the opportunity to browse a range of books and further celebrate reading.

Reading at Home

At Woodstock, it is expected that children are heard reading or are read to at home at least 3 times a week and this must be recorded in their reading diary. To support this, we provide regular reading workshops to parents and guardians.

In EYFS and Key Stage One, children are provided decodable books that run alongside or a little behind the sounds taught in phonics. At Woodstock, we use the Rising Stars Reading Planet collection with all children having online access.

Reading Planet:

Rocket Reading Books Progression Scheme
In Key Stage Two, home reading is promoted through Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader provides children with a personal book level that aims to provide children with challenge without the frustration that can come when a book is too challenging. Children can read the book at their own pace before taking a quiz that provides them and their teacher with instant feedback on their understanding. All children also have access to MyOn where children can access further reading from home.

Parent and carer guide to Accelerated Reader


Reading Celebration

Reading is celebrated and promoted at Woodstock through a number of initiatives. Children who read at least three times a week are entered into a biweekly competition to win Tesco vouchers and an end of term reading reward. Assemblies are used for teachers to nominate a weekly star reader for children who have excelled whilst displays around school are used to promote current class books and provide further child shout outs.