At Woodstock Primary Academy, it is our intent to provide a high-quality geography education that aims to inspire students’ curiosity about the world and its people enabling every child to experience and understand the world around them. Through their work in geography, children learn about their local area, including the changes that they may see, as well as the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. Children compare this to other regions of the UK, as well as globally significant places around the world across all continents, giving the pupils of Woodstock a deep understanding of how areas have been shaped by humans, earth, and climate.

Geography teaching at Woodstock reflects on the diversity of the curriculum as well as our pupils to implement a balance between the acquisition of skills and knowledge, and to draw attention to the important values and attitudes of the subject such as place, space and environment. This includes supporting children to learn how to draw, interpret and follow maps whilst also use important geographical vocabulary. Geography is often taught through enquiry led activities that allows children to investigate geographical questions through first-hand fieldwork and develop analysis and problem-solving skills. Through revisiting, consolidating and reflecting areas of learning regularly, we work towards our pupils knowing more and remembering more. Our aim is for the children at our school to confidently refer to themselves as geographers and have practical experiences of knowledge, understanding and skills.

We measure the impact of our curriculum by not just looking at the work children produce, but by talking with them at regular intervals across the year (pupil voice). We assess children’s understanding before and after each unit and celebrate successes in their curriculum work through Seesaw, displays and the school website. The curriculum is designed to make pupils think critically and encourage them to think outside the box by taking risks and learn new skills. These opportunities are extended through various opportunities such as gardening clubs, enrichment days and school trips to enhance the children’s skills and knowledge in geography. Our aim is to develop them as critical thinkers whilst encourage curiosity, fascination and awe and wonder.

Below is an overview of the geography covered at Woodstock Primary Academy:

Woodstock Geography long-term map and progression