Here at Woodstock Primary Academy, it is our intent to provide a music education that engages and inspires pupils love for music. At Woodstock, we celebrate the diversity and cultural wealth of the community. Everyone is welcome at Woodstock. Music is different in every culture and yet can have many things in common and has ties that bind it all together. At Woodstock we use music to celebrate cultural traditions, connect with people in a universal language and help children find their own identities.

From EYFS up to the end of KS2 the children will be taught use their voices expressively, play tuned and untuned instruments in solo and ensemble contexts. Improvise and compose music for a range of purposes using the inter-related dimensions of music and develop an understanding of the history of music.

As a school, we are able to implement these ideas by maintaining strong links to the National Curriculum guidelines to ensure all aspects of the subject content are covered. Working closely with Leicestershire Music Hub using their Primary scheme of work, children will work through 6 units of work, Pulse, Voice, Rhythm, Pitch and 20th Century music. We Celebrate the children’s achievements with certificates and a singing performance in our whole school assemblies. The songs each week have been chosen from a bank of familiar favorites, giving the children the opportunity to further develop their musical skills like dynamics, canons and adding actions. Children will develop their talents for music by engaging in peripatetic teaching of a variety of different instruments.

The impact of teaching music will be seen across the school with an increased profile of weekly lessons. Whole-school and parental engagement will be improved through performances, extracurricular activities and opportunities suggested in lessons/overviews for wider learning. Participation in music develops wellbeing, promotes listening and develops concentration. We want to ensure that music is loved by teachers and pupils across school, encouraging them to want to continue building on this wealth of musical ability, now and in the future.

Below is an overview of the music covered at Woodstock Primary Academy:

Woodstock Music long-term map & progression