Healthy Lifestyles & School Nurse Advice

Promoting healthy lifestyles and mental health is an important part of our curriculum commitment at Woodstock which is demonstrated by being an accredited Healthy School. We support our children to learn about healthy lifestyles and mental health through our Everyone’s Welcome at Woodstock curriculum whilst providing opportunities for and promoting a love for physical activity through our organised school lunch activities, physical education lessons and a wide-range of extra-curricular opportunities for all students.

At Woodstock, we are proud of our school lunches with our food cooked onsite that adheres to very strict nutritional guidance to ensure children are offered a healthy, balanced menu across a 3 week period. Whilst we encourage all of our children to take up this offer, we expect children who do not have a school dinner to have a similarly well-balanced lunch box as a healthy lunch helps children to maintain a healthy weight, concentrate better, behave better and therefore learn better.

Packed lunch boxes can essentially comprise of anything as long as it comprises of a range of healthy and balanced items and requires no further cooking but will often involve a main such as a sandwich, wrap or salad along with supporting snacks such as fruit, yogurts or crisps. If providing sweet, high fat foods such as crisps or chocolate please ensure they are limited to one of each. Please also ensure packed lunches don’t include nuts to safeguard those with allergies, fizzy drinks or sweets.

If you have any worries about any of the above information or your child’s health or mental well-being please speak to a member of the RAISE team who will be happy to help. Alternatively, the school nurse team have a number of free, confidential advice services available for parents:

  • Chat Healthline – Text a school nurse for confidential advice on 07520615381. This service available Monday to Friday for parents of year 1 to year 6 students.
  • – A fun and interactive resource than can be shared with children or used by adults for advice on healthy bodies and minds.
  • – A website with a wealth of information and advice from health professionals, supporting families from pregnancy through to pre-school on topics such as eating, sleeping and toileting.
  • Recommended sleep advice for primary school children.

Please see the attached posters for further information on each of the above:




Primary school sleep advice