Our Best Book Awards 2019

    Posted on: 06/06/2019

    Each year ‘Our Best Book’ competition is run for year 5 and 6 children in schools across the city. The children read, vote and debate on their favourite story out of an original list of 20 books. Out of 20 books a chosen 6 books are shortlisted.

    On Thursday a group of year 5 children had the fantastic opportunity of visiting Leicester Tigers in the special ‘Our Best Book’ Event. During our time there we met and asked questions to 3 of the authors from the shortlist of books. Mitch Johnson, ‘Kick’, I swapped my brother on the internet’ Jo Simmons and ‘I don’t like poetry’, Joshua Seigal.

    The children had an amazing time. They received a signed book mark from the authors and had their photograph taken with them. They also received a ruck sack promoting the new summer reading Challenge ‘Space Chase’.

    What made the morning even more memorable for them was that they got to find out the overall winning of the competition of ‘Our Best books 2019’

    The winner was ‘LOOSHKIN’ by Jamie Smart.