Are Carrots Orange?

Posted on: 27/05/2021

Our reception children have had great fun this term learning through our topic 'Are Carrots Orange?' based around food and healthy lifestyles.

The term began with the children trying lots of different types of fruit and vegetables where they used vocabulary to describe the different types of tastes and identify their favourite to make their own fruit salad. The children then went on to grow their own ‘salad in a cup’ where the children successfully cared for and grew their own produce in the classroom.  

In P.E. the children loved using the climbing apparatus in the hall where they showed brilliant gross motor skills to balance on small planks, twirl and somersault on bars, and climb to the very top of the climbing frame. At the beginning of the unit, only a couple of children could do this but through resilience and effort, it was fantastic to see their confidence grow and nearly every child reached the top.

To finish the term the children focused on the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children had great fun learning the story from memory and acting it out in our impromptu outdoor theatre. The children went on to make their own bread and adapt the story to make some delicious pizza that they very much enjoyed. The children then produced some amazing writing about their experiences!

Written by Mr Weaver

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