Year 5 Beast Creators

Posted on: 28/05/2021

In year 5 this term, our curriculum focus has been 'Beast Creators.' Within this project, we have learnt about a range of minibeasts and their habitats, conducted scientific investigations, attempted worm charming on our school grounds, as well as understanding the process of metamorphosis and identifying the similarities and differences between the European Common frog and the Monarch butterfly. Take a look at our knowledge organisers that represents our understanding of this project.     

As part of the project, the children wrote some  great kennings poems about a few of the minibeasts we have learnt about this term. Kennings are like riddles. They describe something without ever saying what it is. Attached are some examples. One is about a Ladybird, one is about a Spider, one is about a Bee and one is about an Ant. Can you figure out which poem is about which minibeast?

Written by Mr Weaver

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