Attendance Matters - Rewards

Posted on: 16/12/2022

Attendance matters at Woodstock as regular attendance is very important for children to achieve the best they can. If children are absent from school, it not only affects their education but they will miss out on the social side of school which affects their ability to make and keep friends and can dent their self-confidence to attempt new work and work alongside each other.

To celebrate this we offer lots of incentives to reward children for outstanding attendance.

Firstly, this week, we had our class reward. Miss Rid’s class have enjoyed their special class attendance prize for the best class attendance in school so far this year. They enjoyed candle dipping, finding out where wax originates from and have learnt many new exciting vocabulary words.

In assembly we then rewarded all of the children for individual achievements. A huge well done to the 88 children who have had 100% attendance from the start of the year with each child receiving a certificate and a pencil. Well done to Jenson, Paige and Natalia who were drawn from a raffle to receive a £20 gift voucher to further celebrate their achievement.

In assembly, we also had a raffle to celebrate any child that had 95% or above in the final 4 weeks of term as part of our Attendance Advent Raffle. Well done to Grace, Deimantas, Unaysah, Kiara & Freddie who each went home with a huge hamper of Christmas goodies including a special Christmas Eve treat organised by Mrs Wilcox.

Finally, for every child who has attended the last day of term, we had a special Christmas visitor

Written by Mr Weaver

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