Online Safety & Children's Mental Health Week

Posted on: 10/02/2023

To celebrate Safer Internet Day on the 7th February and Children’s Mental Health week from the 6th -10th February, all classes at Woodstock learnt about online safety and connections that we make to help others. Children identified what made them special, explored how their emotions change and how their actions could have a positive impact on someone else.

In online safety, year 1 learnt about the different feeling that they may feel using the internet.  Year 2 learnt about privacy and what happens to information posted online. Year learnt how to recognise opinions, beliefs & facts when searching the internet & age restrictions for different social media platforms. In year 4 the pupils learnt that technology can be designed to act like or impersonate humans in online safety. The pupils created their own bots for the class and discussed how the bot can enhance the pupils learning but also the risks associated. Year 5 thought about how we form positive and negative judgements & opinions from what we see online. They also looked at what permission apps need to access our personal information & how to keep our information safe. Year 6 learnt about potential issues that can cause negative feelings online and ways to get help. They also identified how to create a positive reputation online.

Finally, on Friday the 10th February, the whole school took part in ‘Dress to Express Day’ whereby, both staff and children were invited to wear their favourite colour or a unique outfit to express how they’re feeling.

Take a look at some of the fantastic work and outfits in the photo album.

Written by Mr Weaver

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