Curriculum Wow Starters

Posted on: 06/03/2023

This week, our year groups are all launching their new themes with an exciting topic starter to engage the children in their learning over the term. 

In year 1 they started looking at the local area. They made sandwiches for a picnic and then went on a walk around the local estate looking for human and physical features. They found out that our school is on a hill and we can see a long way into the distance as we are so high up. We had to have our picnic in the classroom because it got very cloudy but our sandwiches were really tasty.

Year 2 started their science learning about plants by improving our outdoor school environment by clearing weeds using gardening tools and planting new seeds and bulbs. They had a lovely time despite the cold!

Year 3 made cars out of various materials such as cardboard, wheels, wood and straws  as part of their wow day with an emphasis on their new topic on forces. They learned briefly about friction, gravity and different forces such as pushing, pulling and twisting. 

Year 4 launched their science topic by making marshmallow squares, ice cream and slime as they are learning about changes of state and how substances can change through freezing, heating or adding further ingrediants. It was a fun day!


Written by Mr Weaver

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