Year 5 Ukulele

Posted on: 21/03/2023

This Spring term year 5 have been involved in Ukulele lessons. For the past 10 weeks they have had lessons taught by a specialist music teacher from Leicestershire school of music. The weeks ended with a fabulous performance in KS2 hall to parents and children from school.

Here are the pieces they performed and the skills that were included.

Plucking open strings, learning string names – Stringalong Rag

Strumming and plucking open strings, creating own pattern – My dog has fleas.

Strumming with a steady pulse, finding C and F chords – Ukulele Rap.

Strumming C chord, recognizing and playing loud and quiet dynamics – A sailor went to sea.

Strumming F chord, playing different strumming patterns and beginning to use up and down strums – Frere Jacques

Changing between F and C chords – Baby Bumble Bee.

Written by Mr Weaver

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