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Woodstock Primary Academy

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Learning without Limits Academy Trust


Standing for Restore, Attend, Include, Safeguard and Educate, our RAISE team is there to ensure the ethos and values of Team Woodstock are ever present beyond our school gates.

At Woodstock, we are passionate about removing barriers to learning, to foster self-belief and equip each child with the skills and strategies to enable future personal success. Our approach is underpinned by the school expectations, ensuring that children are equipped to be ready to learnrespectful to the wider world and develop their own resilience.

The RAISE Team

RAISE (ID 1340)


When issues arise, and through efficient and effective consultation with the parents and child, personalised support plans can be implemented quickly in a sensitive, caring manner. Support may include: 1:1 sessions, support within the classroom, interventions outside of the classroom, small group work, nurture groups and access to external agencies and support.

Or course, we know that, from time to time, our families also need support and as a parent, you know your child better than anyone else does.

When you have a strong and respectful relationship with your child’s school and teachers, you’re in a good position to give them information to help your child get the most out of education. You and your child’s teachers can work together to support your child’s learning and wellbeing.

When everybody is working together in the best interests of your child, your child is likely to reap academic and social benefits, like:

  • regular school attendance
  • positive school results
  • a positive attitude towards school
  • good social and relationship skills
  • a sense of wellbeing

Therefore, should you require any guidance or support, our team are available to speak to through the school office.

Let’s talk.

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