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Starting at the school gates, our school culture is centred around high expectations, mutual respect and teamwork. We aim to make all pupils develop their unique personalities, feel confident to ask questions about the world around them and feel supported to show independence in learning; understanding that they all have the ability to do great things. We understand that all children need to see the importance of education and its role within their future lives and, at Woodstock, our aim is to inspire and ignite each child's passion for learning and shape their curiosity to explore and learn about the magnificent world in which they live. Acknowledging all of our pupils as individual children is key to ensure they develop a sense of identity. It all starts with a hello.
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  • WoodstockAcad Image19/05/2022 Yesterday, the F1 children made the most of the beautiful weather we had, taking their socks and shoes off and splashing around. As you can imagine they had so much fun! It was perfect for our 'holiday' topic. Read more
  • WoodstockAcad Image13/05/2022 In year 2 we have been learning about habitats and snails. We made a habitat and researched facts about snails. We then wrote a fact file about them using questions as our headings! Read more
  • WoodstockAcad Image12/05/2022 Our nursery children have been learning about colours & exploring what happens when we mix them together this week with lots of fun, messy activities. They were also visited by an ice cream van to end their topic with a treat. Read more
  • WoodstockAcad Image12/05/2022 Some fantastic published writing from Y3 today taking inspiration from the books: Stone Age Boy and Stig of the Dump Read more
  • WoodstockAcad Image06/05/2022 Our F2 children enjoying today's nice weather and a story along with their fabulous, fancy, Friday breakfast on the school field. Have a nice weekend everyone! Read more
  • WoodstockAcad Image03/05/2022 Today Year 1 have had their own royal tea party. We looked at what the royal tea parties looked like, how the people dressed & how they acted. We made our own jam sandwiches following instructions on how to do this, had crisps, a scone, cookie & apple juice. Read more
  • 29/04/2022 So excited to see us using the allotment again, now as part of our pastoral provision programme. These two are working so hard to knock the allotment back into shape after the winter months! . ⁦⁩ ⁦Read more
  • WoodstockAcad Image29/04/2022 Year 5 read the story Lubna and Pebble as part of their Everyone is Welcome at Woodstock learning. They looked at the importance of friendships in making us feel happy and secure before decorating their own pebbles with a smile, just like Lubna. Read more

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