Attendance and punctuality

High levels of attendance in school are crucial to every child’s educational progress. As a school team, we are working hard to ensure that our overall attendance doesn't drop below 97%. To do this, we need your support in ensuring that your child is in school everyday and, most importantly, on time. Once a child’s attendance drops below 95%, they are at risk of falling behind in their learning and miss crucial steps in their progress and attainment.


Of course, we want to ensure that we celebrate and support our families with positive punctuality and attendance. At Woodstock we believe that our pupils should attend school on time, every day in order to achieve and reach their goals. 

All of our classes compete to become attendance champions each week and win a trophy to keep in their class for a week. The best attending classes earn points and each term the class with the most points will receive  the exciting opportunity to take part in an activity such as; a circus workshop, sports event or an art afternoon. 

In addition, all pupils who achieve 100% attendance for the term will be taken on a theatre or cinema trip.

For more information about our attendance awards, please speak to Louise Stapleford (Deputy Principal) for more information. Alternatively, if you would like to improve your child's attendance and need further support, please contact Liz Pascale, our family support worker.