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Woodstock Primary Academy

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Learning without Limits Academy Trust


I am extremely proud to be the Principal of Woodstock Primary Academy. As someone who was born and went to school in the city of Leicester; attending Buswell Lodge Primary and Babington College, I feel my experience of this unique multicultural city has allowed me to shape our journey of school improvement. Having worked with children for many years in all areas of primary education, including as Deputy Principal here at Woodstock since January 2018, I am keen to ensure that we equip all our pupils with the necessary skills, knowledge and personal attributes that will enable them to be ready to succeed at each step of their educational journey and their life in modern Britain.

All children learn differently and they require a range of different experiences and support systems to allow them to engage in learning and school life and, believing that everyone’s welcome at Woodstock; as a team of pupils, parents, carers and committed and dedicated staff, we have the power to ensure that we make school the best for everybody. Everyone's welcome at Woodstock.

Woodstock Primary Academy is a very special place and, I am certain, you will feel the warmth of mutual respect, team ethos, high expectations and the drive to be the best we can be from the moment you start your journey of learning with us. We are one team. We are Team Woodstock.

Louise Stapleford, Principal

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