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The number of places available is determined by the physical capacity of the school – the standard number for 2016-2017 is 30. The school follows the Local Authority admissions arrangements, a copy of which can be downloaded below.

Places will be allocated by the following admission Criteria in priority order:

  1. Children in the care of the local authority 
  2. Children on the child protection register 
  3. Children who live in the school’s priority (catchment) area 
  4. Children with a sibling attending the same school 
  5. Children with a statement of special educational need 

Parents applying for a place will need to apply directly to the local authority via the website.

If you need to apply for a place during the school year, the application can be found here.

Visits to the school are welcomed and can be booked by phoning the school office and arranging a mutually convenient time.