Design and Technology

At Woodstock Primary Academy, it is our intent to provide a high-quality design and technology education where children can use their creativity and imagination to make practical decisions for themselves. At Woodstock children design and make products that develops children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control, and a range of materials and tools, including food. Our design and technology curriculum ensures that children demonstrate creativity, problem solving, reliability, responsibility, and resilience whilst also helping children to critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products. Children also learn where the food they eat comes from and apply the principles of nutrition in their cooking.

At Woodstock Primary Academy we implement design and technology through a variety of creative and practical activities. We teach the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in the process of designing, making, testing and evaluating ideas. At Woodstock key skills and knowledge for design and technology have been mapped across the school to ensure that there is clear progression through each year group. Key concepts and technical vocabulary are also included in planning. Cooking skills and lessons on nutrition are taught ensuring that children have a growing understanding of where food comes from, its seasonality and the need for a healthy and varied diet.

At Woodstock we measure the impact of our curriculum and our success in several different ways. Children celebrate their work in their curriculum books, using their own writing, drawings, and sketches. Photos and videos of the children’s creations are placed onto the school website to show off their amazing work and projects. The work is also displayed around school, for the rest of the school to see, including visitors. Careful questioning such as pupil voice and quizzes are planned to monitor children’s knowledge and child led discussions are held within classes. Learning is assessed through the analysis of the pupil’s ability to evaluate, design, make and improve their own work.

The impact of the curriculum enables children to solve real life and practical problems using innovation and creativity, both as an individual and as part of a group. The children learn, use, and understand technical vocabulary associated with design and technology whilst using a wide range of tools and materials. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop as independent critical thinkers and successful learners with high aspirations.

Below is an overview of the design and technology covered at Woodstock Primary Academy:

Woodstock Design & Technology Long-Term Plan

Year 6 prepared and cooked their own Sunday roast dinner as part of their design and technology learning. The children loved showing off their cooking skills.

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Year 3 explored different fruits they could have for a healthy snack in their design and technology work. They cut and placed the fruit on skewers and really enjoyed getting to taste it all.

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