Year 6 Trip

Posted on: 28/09/2021

Yesterday, Year 6 visited The National Holocaust Centre and Museum - as an extension of their World War 2 learning. Throughout the visit they wowed the museum staff with their excellent knowledge and ability to answer all of the questions they asked of them. 

All of the children had the opportunity to take part in 'The Journey' experience, where they followed the life of Leo, a Jewish child, who lived in Germany for a little while until he was evacuated on the Kinder transport to the UK. The children were able to explore artefacts from WWII including people's most prized possessions like their favourite teddy bear or their personal diaries. We had a brilliant day and were able to leave a stone in the memorial garden to pay our respects. 

The children also had the opportunity to listen to a talk delivered by a holocaust survivor. Mr Pope's class were fortunate enough to talk to Hedi, whose message was clear, "Bad things often begin with words." She shared her story from when she was just 8 years old in 1938 (83 years ago) and reminded them about the importance of being kind every day. This sentiment was echoed in the words of Simon, a Jewish boy who was fortunate to have family in the UK, but who still faced struggles escaping Germany and arriving to his family. 

The children were fantastic ambassadors for the school and took away so much from the trip. They were all exemplary at showing respect for the artefacts, survivors and museum staff.

Written by Miss Chamberlain

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