F1 Minibeasts and name writing

Posted on: 26/05/2023

In F1, we have been learning about minibeasts. We have been naming them and talking about if they have legs or fly. The children have really enjoyed this topic and the activities. They have explored our small world minibeast tray, made their own minibeasts with playdough and have got creative making bee's and ladybirds in our creative area. In maths we have been learning about length. We ended the week going on our own minibeast hunt and the children found so many minibeasts and were able to name them.

With the weather being hot and sunny we took our mark making outdoors this week in F1. Children used water and brushes to make a range of marks on the floor and then enjoyed cleaning the windows using big gross motor movement.

The children in F1 have got very good at practicing to write their name, using cursive font. Here the children used a whiteboard, pen and their name cards to independently copy letters of their name.

Written by Mr Weaver

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