Nursery - Transport

Posted on: 26/04/2024

This week in F1, we have been learning about 'transport'. The children have really enjoyed this topic! They have rubbed on stencils to make vehicles and been laying on their backs and drawing under tables to strengthen their arms. The children have used an upside down table as a vehicle and wrote tickets, and done lots of cutting and transport puzzles. The children have got creative making vehicle tracks in paint and went on an environment walk where we spotted different transport vehicles and named things in our local environment. During our outdoor play, we took the bikes and scooters down hills and followed traffic signs, waiting when to 'stop' and 'go'. We ended the week with the children bringing in their own bikes or scooters and enjoyed riding them on the big playground with road markings. What a fun week we have had!!

Written by Mr Weaver

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